Logan Is Your Friend
This video will be a two part action series about a 14 year old undercover CIA agent who has to get back the evidence to convict a dangerous criminal. I'll try to get it finished as soon as possible so just sit tight!
I'm trying. 01/26/2011
I'm trying to make a new video for next monday but its hard with school and still being 25% sick. I wanna do it outside. It's been a while since i've gotten out of the house.
The next video will be about sights that make me happy. Post in the comments what makes you happy!
New video idea! 12/27/2010
I think i will make my next video about the kinds of people we all hate. Tell me what kinds of people you hate. (example: People who sing in public bathrooms.)
I wanna talk about pet peeves. Tell me what you're pet peeves are. I might feature them.

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